A week in Madrid :


I have been lucky enough to spend new year eve in Madrid, one of my best friend was studying for a semester over there so we decided to visit her. Today I thought I would share with you the highlights of my trip as some of you might go over to Madrid this summer.
I spent a super great week in Spain, it was lovely to have a nice weather in the middle of winter and to celebrate new year abroad with friends.

If you are going to spend some time in Madrid, I would recommend to spend time just walking in the city randomly the streets are so pretty and it allows you to get a bit more in the atmosphere of the city, discover little shops or restaurants. While you are walking you can go to major sights like Plaza Mayor or la Puerta del Sol and do a bit of shopping. There is a lot of place to shop in Madrid either smaller little boutique or big shops, the great thing is that shopping in Madrid for Spanish brands like Zara is much cheaper.

I think my favorite visit in Madrid was the visit of the Royal Palacio. The building from outside is amazing and it is great to go inside to see where the royal family used to live. As students we got a free access to the palace in the evening. While you are in the area I would suggest to go to the Templo de Debod I think you can visit it but we didn't. I was quite disappointed I thought it was bigger according to my guide, anyway it worth going to have a look while you are at the Palacio it's a great pictures spot.

If you are spending a week in Madrid you will probably visit at least one of the two main museums : The Prado or La Reina Sofia Museum. We visited the Prado and it was great very interesting, I found the building it self pretty impressive. If you want to see the famous painting Guernica you have to go to the Reina Sofia Museum.

Madrid offers parks to walk which is very nice we went to the Retiro park that I totally recommend stopping by. In the park you can rent a little boat to sail in the little lake.

Another great spot if you want to take great pictures is the Faro de Moncloa, from the top you can see almost all the city. The picture I am sharing with you is not great but keep in mind it was the last day of December, the weather and the light are better in summer.

Obviously Madrid has a great night life so if you like partying you will have a lot of fun over there.

My last point is food : I obviously recommend to have some tapas while you are in Spain, I love the bocadillos de calamares which are basically a sandwich with calamaris in it.
I would definitely advise you to go to the San Gines restaurant for Chocolate con churros I think they are open all night.
My last suggestion would be to go and eat a 5 Guys burger if you don't have one near where you live. Those burgers are amazing, when I was studying abroad in Scotland I lived next to one of there restaurant and I miss it very much.

Have you ever been to Madrid ? Do you have any other recommendations ?
Are you planing to travel this summer ?

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  1. Wow it looks awesome in Madrid. It's such a nice place.

  2. I like that you visited museums as well on your trip!
    I would love to go to Spain one day! I imagine vibrant colours and a very dynamic city- buzzing with different sounds and smells!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I love museums ! Spain is a very nice country to visit ! Thank you for commenting !

  3. I haven't been before but I would love to go one day, there definitely seems like there's so much to see and do there xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. There is so much to be seen in Spain ! Thank you for your comment !

  4. I absolutely love Madrid! It's one of my favorite cities! Great photos!

    xx Nicole


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